Where passion meets fashion

Very proud to announce our new collab with Just Restaurant in Rotterdam.

Here’s how it all started. 

Justin and I met each other on the beautiful island of Curacao in 2005 where we had common friends. 

In 2014 our paths crossed again in Rotterdam. Back then I was working in the fashion industry and Justin was working as a chef.
The both of us were focussing on our own things, Justin opened his first restaurant; Just Restaurant and I started SAIJA-STORE.

In 2018 just before the Christmas holidays, we ran into each other again and thats where we came up with the idea to do a collaboration together. ‘Let's make a fully leather knife-bag’ we said. And so we did. 

One month later, the knife-bag was born. And as you can see, this is really an icon piece where we’ve put a lot of passion in it. The passion for cooking combined with passion for fashion.

I present you our fully leather knife bag made for all kinds of chefs who wants to keep their knives safe with style. 

click here to see the promovideo of our knifebag.