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Classis and minimal –  100% leather

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I define roots as the values, principles and core spirituality that makes me who I am. I am sure that when you know your roots, you feel a sense of identity that gives you strength to go through life, which is never an easy thing. It helps me feel grounded, having a feeling of meaning.

My Moluccan roots made me what I am today. It gave me a warriors mentality and my self-believe that anything is possible in life with the right intentions. How you spend your time says a lot about your intentions. As a creator I spend time on traveling and going back to my roots where I create the space to focus on what matters.

Giving back to the community.

My bags aren’t just bags, it’s a statement with grounded roots.


It's not just leather accessories

As the owner of SAIJA STORE with roots on Aboru, I am super excited about all the good work Buku for Aboru has done so far.

That’s why I started a collaboration through a merchandise collection. The entire proceeds go to Buku for Aboru so that they continue to work for the children, the environment and cultural preservation.

180 GSM


100% organic cotton

Comfortable & easy to wear

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