My grandfather always told me that whatever I want to be, I can achieve it. By having the right intentions, willpower and faith in yourself, you can do anything!
The province of Zeeland and the Moluccan islands plays an important role in my life. I was raised with a western mindset, but with the norms and values ​​of the Moluccan culture. This, combined with the wise words of my grandfather, are the roots, my foundation. 
My Moluccan roots plays an important role in my company. It’s the values, principles and the core of spirituality that makes me who I am. It gives me the power to move forward and it has meaning in all the actions I do. For this reason I use the banner of my village as a symbol.
Today, in honor of my grandfather his birthday, may he Rest In Peace, I present you my new SAIJA 2019 collection.
Special S/O to my mother and uncle who are my (role) models in this movie.